A new companion!

I have always been eager to write new things and starting a blog of mine was a idea that actually had blowed off my senses. It’s been a long since I write but never tried to get on a public platform for writing and sharing my thoughts. I may not be so appropriate but I just love writing that’s why I m here!


Keep walking instead walking off..

You may fail but that won’t make you a failure..failure is when you don’t even try. I know you have heard it quite a few times but still the point of views may differ!

As u know not all the films go hit but sometimes the newbies do surprise us by making it a block buster..that’s it what I want to convey is just keep trying new things every try gives you a new hope and experience which won’t definitely go in trash. The day you become fearless that’s when you can take up challenges and that’s when you will take a new start unknowingly to a successful path in life.

Don’t get upset due to failures..

Don’t think much before trying new stuff..

Be a free bird and live your life the best way possible and keep walking till your bucket list ends..Be it endless don’t stop! 🕑🕐🕛🔱

You can make wonders if you don’t make blunders in life!

#everyopinionmatters 💜😊

Be the ‘Game Changer’

Almost more than 1500 thoughts strike our mind and fly up..some stay..some are temporary..some permanent!

If an individual project is been handed up to 50 people and all are expected to stand out in their own ways..so obviously there is a best one in it.So after looking at everyone’s projects you get an rough idea of who’s would be the best..now this is the time to think out of box and be the Game Changer. That’s fine if you have an average project but the theoretical part or say the explanation can be the prime suspect towards your victory. Make sure the words you put down there have such an impact that forget the project but your convincing skills can make you the best.

There’s nothing which you can’t do..probably you don’t have enough passion towards it or that burning flame of achieving it. The day you say to yourself that no that’s not my piece of cake..you’re done coz after that none can cheer you up coz that flame is freezed. Instead make difficult things be in your favour..how many inspirational stories have we heard so if a girl with one leg attempts and accomplishes to reach the Everest peak then guys we have each n everything so why not? Just question yourself that what was the reason you opted for that impossible thing what was the motivation and what was your goal..n if you have started the journey make sure you have a happy ending for it!

Always try to be something extraordinary..coz there are lakhs of people in crowd for that one glimpse of a superstar. Now you have to decide where you wanna stand in the crowd or be the person for whom people gather!

(If you wish to want some motivation have a look at Muniba Mazari’s story on YouTube)

 ~Shruti 💙


Human beings are created with every possible quality embedded. Ever thought how can a body be designed in a womb..how can the parts be situated accurately at a measurable distance..friends ever thought that there are ppl who go through a lot in life related to gender issues..is being a gay or a lesbo an individual’s mistake?

Almost every such individual gets bullied or is criticised or isn’t accepted by the friends..community..society or even the family. Is it genuinely such a big issue? No. It’s us who even make it a issue..I m writing it today to all those lovely ppl there who are afraid of accepting their gender..guys it’s not a big deal go on..move ahead..none can stop you from accepting the person you are. 

You are a blessing as every individual. You are rare. Even gems are rare.

It’s a creation of almighty and we shouldn’t abuse anyone for being something else..Even it’s gender or it’s fat shaming or complexion or being skinny. Coz once you say something you forget that thing but that person suffers from these comments every moment and it may lead to depression and you may not know what problems that person is going through..so request to all you people out there I m not anyone great to say such things but just take it as a piece of advice.

Thank you and you are open to share your thoughts..we may have different thoughts so that’s absolutely fine!

  ~Shruti 💜

Let’s try something different..

YouTube nowadays is such a great platform for youngsters or even for elderly people..a vibrant opportunity to showcase your talents at it’s best.

Every human on this planet always dreams to be a renown personality..But it’s not that easy

But ya of course it’s not at all impossible..

Actually the only thing you need is to recognise your own talent or say your interests, then it’s easy for you to access anything..also you can start your own YouTube channel and make the best videos with different ideas and styles.

Also it can be a medium of earning for many coz you also get paid by YouTube for every video. As per my knowledge YouTube pays according the CPA of their respective countries in some countries it’s 1$ per 1000 views and in some it’s lesser.

It can be turned out effectively if we wish so..guys think of it.

Even I m wishing to start my YouTube channel soon and I hope this post helps you atleast 1%.

      ~Shruti 💜

The known unknown journey..

Those desparate eyes..                      

Those tiny fingers tightly entangled into one other..

Those half lifted up legs trying to move on..

Those reactive ears go towards the direction of voice..

The baby who has just got out of womb has felt and known all the affection for almost 270 days and makes out the difference in touch other than his mommy..That’s the magic of mom and child unknown journey which we all have passed through.

What a mystery is our body..truly speechless!


Learning everyday..

Life is all about learning every day..having such insane and unimaginable experiences throughout..and then just brushing all of them at those calm nights is best part of the day!

I basically love evenings the most coz I feel that’s the time when I m so much into a thing I really wanted to do since long..even I get on and on in my deep thoughts and unknowingly reach till it’s depth!

Loving the day you had spent is totally a different thing than living the day..I believe in living it.

The every moment..The every situation..The every change..The every dream has led me learn so damn different things everyday.

I keep living my moments of peace and getting engrossed in my thoughts!

Learning everyday till the day I would be on..coz there’s lot more stuff for me to know and learn yet!


New post coming soon..

Hello friends..it’s probably been more than a week or two I haven’t posted anything that’s coz it was just not possible to make up time out of my schedule these days.

N I m really sorry to all who have had nominated me in various awards I just haven’t posted any of them n I will definitely do it. Thanks for your appreciation and kind words that feels so great and motivates me write even more n more n get better.

It’s really amazing to read everyone’s posts and every single day I find a new attractive topic to read for..Keep writing guys I and everyone need such great motivational words in life at some extent.

WordPress is actually a platform for expressing our thoughts which had brought different people around the world so damn close!

New post coming soon..                     Guys do tell in comment section if you want me write on any specific topic I will make sure to do my best..(if any)!


Word Challenge: Beauty!

Thanks apassersby for nominating me.

 Beauty isn’t the facial looks or your body..you don’t need to be a racist for judging beauty at any point. You need a vision to be beautiful even the most dark people have won millions of hearts by their talents..like if people say you are fat-so or damn skinny or too dark or anything just say them I m not a dark color it’s just I m so unique that you gave your time to observe and comment me..Thanks!

Beauty isn’t a enough definition to describe it’s the endless journey at every stage it means different for different people. Keep loving yourself. 

Everyone in this world is beautiful and has a hidden beauty in different ways..explore the beauty in you! 🙂 💚💛


Dream till infinity..

 Dare                                        Reality                                Efficiency                                    Aim                                          Miracle                                                 will be at your door step..!!

Dreams are what we think only because of that a quite enough faith in oneself that we can fulfill it..like I feel all humans are made equally by the almighty but only the few grow up so capable of knowing their own talent..

The time when a person starts knowing himself well is the time when he starts dreaming big..that’s coz now he knows very well where he is meant to be.

Life is actually such a magnificent gift it’s just that every individual has his own different ways of unwrapping it! 

We need to be independent enough to know what we actually need to do in our lives..none can help us..as I always say that knowing yourself is the biggest victory you can enjoy coz the moment you get aware of your interests..taste..dislikes..life actually becomes a way easier and target isn’t far that time!

Dreams are not only to be richer or more powerful it also can be a dream to live peacefully without stress enjoy the moments of the day..That’s what can be someone’s dream.

Even rich people face sleepless nights but the people with no facilities of life lying on road sleep peacefully..That’s what is the point have a life worth living and not a trophy showcase..it should be a gallery with a beautiful sunrise and your loved ones with you to feel the sunset 💛

….Shruti! 💜

Be the image not the reflection!

Everyone and everything has a reflection but reflection can’t be replaced by the image that’s set up!

Setting up an image is quite easy but maintaining it isn’t everyone’s piece of cake!

Well every individual has his own perspective indeed one must have it. Reflection is the copy of something but image is mandatory for having a reflection..may be i m complicating the words but reality won’t change!

Some people get work done under the name and fame of someone whereas is the reflection used of a bright image!

Be the image..Reflection indirectly walks to you!

Photography: Shruti(that’s me)! 😁