Blue sky tag blog award! đŸ’™

I m totally amazed to receive this award as in I had started my blog a few days ago and in a week I received this award..this is totally a mesmerising feeling!

I really want to thank Akhil Kumar for nominating me and reading my posts by sparing your valuable time!

Friends do read akhil’s post and visit his blog. The stuff he has is incredible and really I like the way he presents the writings.

So do check his blog his work is something you don’t want to miss!


1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Nominate (tag) 11 people
4. Give them 11 questions to answer

Answers to Akhil’s questions: 

1.Reason why you started blogging?

Basically I love reading as well as writing and WordPress gives us the platform to showcase our I m here!

2.Favourite blogger?

3.Preferred genre to write and why?

Nothing decided just the words flying in mind are typed on mobile.

4.Favourite author?

Enid Blyton

5.The moment that changed your life?

That moment when I started exploring and loving myself was when I was in school and an incidence just changed me!

6.What is the world for you?

Exposure for everything let it be your talent or you yourself!

7.You want me to write more about __?

About something that has just touched your soul deep down.

8.Are you in love? If yes, how does it feels like?

No,Happy to be single!

I am nominating:

  1. Hati
  2. pearled feelings
  3. Akhil Kumar
  4. Scribblershome
  5. Ajay vyas
  6. Life plan
  7. A learning poet
  8. Titanium
  9. Shivang
  10. Mr.Lonely
  11. Brandon knoll

My questions:

  1. Your bestest memory with WordPress.
  2. The thing which is inseparable from you and why.
  3. Your favorite book and author.
  4. Your thoughts if you are sent to a blind date.
  5. Which is favorite destination and why?
  6. What does writing and reading mean to you.
  7. Any regret in life..if yes what?
  8. Favorite blogger?
  9. What is your perspective towards life?
  10. Any suggestions for my blog?
  11. What you think about today’s generation who are just not interested enough in reading a single book?

 Finally I want to thank everyone for the reading my posts and visiting my blog. Also thanks for the nomination and I will make sure that I keep improving my writing!

     ….💜Shruti N!


      28 thoughts on “Blue sky tag blog award! đŸ’™”

      1. Congratulations!! Thank you for nominating me again for this award….
        As I have already posted about this award I would not write it again( yeah!, i am a Panda.. so lethargic 😂😂) anyways I can always answer your questions here in comments….what you say?

        Liked by 2 people

          1. 1.The day when I realized that we at wordpress are a family…
            2.My loving memories… I do remember all of my friends and family as they always comes first… One can take anything from me except my memories..
            3.Frankly speaking I am not that much into reading books. For me completing course books is Mt.Everest.. But for the saje of answering I loved “The alchemist” by Paulo Coelho…
            4.Will try to make it a memorable one… Btw I am introvert…
            5.Nothing of that sort but will love to explore the country…
            6.When I started Blogging seriously saying writing and reading ment completing course and giving exams but when I found amazing writers out here… I realized that these are emotions which someone carves so perfectly that the reader is mesmerized…
            7.There are many mistakes which I made but I don’t regret them ita like taking a lesson from them and moving on…
            8.All in my following list are my favourites….As all have different taste and methodology.. And I am no one to compare people…
            9.Life is like that chick which is once out of the egg cannot go inside it again..So you need to leave your comfort zone to live life to the fullest…
            10.As I followed you recently I am not much into your blog but Surely will trouble you if I found some rectification or suggestions…btw I love your title… Miss.Perfect
            11. How can I comment on a group of people in which I belong😂? Actually for me I am great ful that I found WordPress and wonderful writers like you people who channelise my Writing and reading skills in something more productive and interesting thing like blogging…

            Hope you got your answers… And thanks again for nominating…😊

            Liked by 1 person

      2. 1 the day the blog started.
        2. Writing! Cause I have tried other activities but always ended up writing.
        3. The Alchemist. Authors would be Paulo Coelho J K Rowling Cheten Bhagat depends on the genre actually 😂
        4. If her thoughts and vision is beautiful it doesn’t matter how she would look. That would be running in my head.
        5. Haven’t traveled much. I would like to go to the South Pole 😂
        6. Writing reminds me that I’m alive and reading shows me there are more lives that is struggling and doesn’t even have what I have.
        7. No
        8. Urban poetry
        9. There is nothing which is perfect. I believe that’s the riddle life throws at us, if you realize it then you develop yourself. If not and you keep running towards perfection then life laughs looking at you.
        10. Beautiful! Just speak your heart out like always!
        11. They are missing the only tuition for life by attending hours for subject and the left over time on other petty activities.

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