Photography : My love ­čĺť

Photography for me capturing a moment passing by!
Life is such an amazing gift given to why not capture it and preserve the beauty of it.

The age which we can’t even memorize is our childhood..but after a particular age we badly start missing it and keep saying for umpteen times that we want those golden days back. Indeed the days can’t get back but the memories cherished can be seen at any moment..n that’s the time when the photographs are taken out from a cupboard preserved in a box..And it feels like unwrapping the gift which have received in our childhood!!

Our every victory be it minor or huge can be experienced..Photography is such an beautiful experience to throwback to those golden days of your life. Really photography had brought the world even more closer in accordance with talent or say crisis and what not guys..

Photography is such an amazing thing which keeps people connected 24/7 and can share every single moment. Some photos are so amazing that our eyes get struck on that and that’s what makes a person a photographer.

And there this this trend of owning a dslr and having a dslr photoshoot and have candid pics of yours..It’s actually nothing but pure happiness we find in those photos and get engrossed in those memories.

Photography for me is a lifetime memory! ­čĺť

Basically I love clicking random photos can say like photography is my hobby so I would like to share some of my favorite clicks..

                                  ~Shruti N!­č卭čĺť


35 thoughts on “Photography : My love ­čĺť”

  1. Awesome post!! I enjoy photography as a hobby and have actually started a photo blog because of it. Photography definitely puts many things into perspective. We learn to appreciate the beauty and life that is around us more. Thank you for sharing! Hope to see more future photos and posts!!

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    1. Thanks a lot­čĺŤ
      Actually I really was interested in taking snaps and as we went for any trip I used to b the photographer of the grp..n now since 2 years I have been more into photography through my mobile only..n I would actually love to b a professional soon..btw thanks for your kind words ­čśŐ

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