Liebster Award šŸ”±

That’s getting so unexpected for such a short span receiving 2 awards is just blowing off my senses.

Firstly the blue sky blog tag award and now the liebster award..Thats just wow šŸ’œ

Thanks a ton to Jen for the nomination and I do believe that every person on the WordPress has some talent so do you.

Friends do check her account coz you can’t miss something worth reading! Thnku Jen šŸ’œ

The rules:

1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
3. Nominate 11 blogs.
4. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
5. Give them 11 questions to answer.

Answers to Jen’s questions:

1.Paper book or e-book?
Paper book anytime us preferable for me as I love writing and it gives the feeling of satisfaction!

2.What is the first thing came to you mind today?

The first thing that came to my mind was how am I going to utilize my holiday so all the planning and plotting was running on my head.

3.How many languages do your speak?

I can basically speak 4 languages that’s Marathi..Hindi..English and German!

4.Who motivate you to start blogging?

I myself am the motivation to take up blogging.

5.What spirit animal are you?

I don’t know which spirit animal I am but ya I m a kind of person who accomplishes the work taken in hand without leaving it in middle that’s what is guys if you know any spirit animal like that do name it in comment section šŸ˜

6.What is the first one on your bucket list?

I want to travel to each and every corner of the world, clicking photographs,writing some stuff as well as reading..taking break from everything and living my life to the fullest.

7.Whatā€™s your favourite pizza flavour?

Umm that’s bit tricky but ya I love corn pizza šŸ’›

8.Cat or dog?

Probably none..coz I m not that fond of pets or say animals.I like to observe them from a good maintained distance but not closer to me!

9.Whatā€™s the biggest decision you have made in your life?

To take up my college so far from my home..travelling a long a way everyday and managing my studies is something I feel was a big decision as many ppl suggested to take up a nearby clg but my mind was set even my mom dad!

10.How did you choose your blog name?

Now that’s something all ask me how come Imperfectly perfect thoughts name struck on your mind and I answer them that I believe no one is prefect by others point of view but you are prefect by your own point of view and that’s what made me keep the blog name.

11.What is your favourite sound?

The sound of rain drops..The sound of clock ticking..The sound of guitar strings..The sound of air..The sound of mere silence! I do love beatboxing and I do try it.

 I hope Jen you have got my answers and are satisfied with them šŸ˜„

So my nominations are:

  1. The drunken cyclist
  2. varun kumar
  3. Whoselaine
  4. Shayra
  5. thoughts of words blog
  6. Rueba 
  7. katiemiafredrick
  8. simple ula
  9. beauteous demeanor
  10. bhavika
  11. Maitrayee ghosh

My questions:

  1. The reason you took up blogging.
  2. Your favorite author and the book.
  3. Favorite blogger
  4. Any regrets in life?
  5. What’s your biggest dream in life?
  6. How did you choose your blog name?
  7. Any suggestions for my blOg?
  8. Your best memory?
  9. What’s the greatest decision you made in life?
  10. City or town? Why?
  11. Which incidence has completely changed your life?

Thanks Jen for the nomination and keep blogging!

…..Shruti šŸ’›


30 thoughts on “Liebster Award šŸ”±”

  1. A hearty Congratulations dearšŸ˜˜.You deserve more and more awards .I have not expected my name in nominees list,its come surprise for me.I’m super happy and feeling blessed to meet you hereā¤ā¤.I liked your answers too.

    Liked by 1 person

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