Be the image not the reflection!

Everyone and everything has a reflection but reflection can’t be replaced by the image that’s set up!

Setting up an image is quite easy but maintaining it isn’t everyone’s piece of cake!

Well every individual has his own perspective indeed one must have it. Reflection is the copy of something but image is mandatory for having a reflection..may be i m complicating the words but reality won’t change!

Some people get work done under the name and fame of someone whereas is the reflection used of a bright image!

Be the image..Reflection indirectly walks to you!

Photography: Shruti(that’s me)! šŸ˜


17 thoughts on “Be the image not the reflection!”

  1. TrUe.. Be A Director
    ‘i’ wHo is A
    Director of
    You.. the
    Art of ‘i’
    wHo is
    The Art
    Of You
    Never jUSt
    The pARTiCiPatinG
    Audience… More..
    ‘i’ wHo is YoU
    Directing the
    Art of wHo..
    You and
    ThaT iS
    What You
    Do Painting
    Wisdom from
    A Palette As

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  2. Both are equally important. The image is a leader that shows the path. The reflection is good too as it accepts to follow the leader and recognises the good deeds of the image. It reflects back the good deeds of the image. If the image is bad it shows back the image its true self. So i would say the reflection plays an important role too helping to correct a thing in one.


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