Dream till infinity..

 Dare                                        Reality                                Efficiency                                    Aim                                          Miracle                                                 will be at your door step..!!

Dreams are what we think only because of that a quite enough faith in oneself that we can fulfill it..like I feel all humans are made equally by the almighty but only the few grow up so capable of knowing their own talent..

The time when a person starts knowing himself well is the time when he starts dreaming big..that’s coz now he knows very well where he is meant to be.

Life is actually such a magnificent gift it’s just that every individual has his own different ways of unwrapping it! 

We need to be independent enough to know what we actually need to do in our lives..none can help us..as I always say that knowing yourself is the biggest victory you can enjoy coz the moment you get aware of your interests..taste..dislikes..life actually becomes a way easier and target isn’t far that time!

Dreams are not only to be richer or more powerful it also can be a dream to live peacefully without stress enjoy the moments of the day..That’s what can be someone’s dream.

Even rich people face sleepless nights but the people with no facilities of life lying on road sleep peacefully..That’s what is the point have a life worth living and not a trophy showcase..it should be a gallery with a beautiful sunrise and your loved ones with you to feel the sunset šŸ’›

….Shruti! šŸ’œ


19 thoughts on “Dream till infinity..”

  1. beautifully said…what u have doesnt make life happy what u have not make us happy…. even rickshaw driver is happy with what he has..but good earning people say oh my god what you gonna do if you leave this job? i told them BEGGING….THEY SHUT THEIR MOUTH..I CAN MAKE A LIVING RIGHT…ITS NOT MONEY…ITS HAPPINESS

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