Learning everyday..

Life is all about learning every day..having such insane and unimaginable experiences throughout..and then just brushing all of them at those calm nights is best part of the day!

I basically love evenings the most coz I feel that’s the time when I m so much into a thing I really wanted to do since long..even I get on and on in my deep thoughts and unknowingly reach till it’s depth!

Loving the day you had spent is totally a different thing than living the day..I believe in living it.

The every moment..The every situation..The every change..The every dream has led me learn so damn different things everyday.

I keep living my moments of peace and getting engrossed in my thoughts!

Learning everyday till the day I would be on..coz there’s lot more stuff for me to know and learn yet!



12 thoughts on “Learning everyday..”

      1. SMiLes mY
        FriEnd iN LiGHt..
        THeRe is no Distance
        Space or time in
        Pure Love and
        You miGht be
        Surprised that
        In 80 months
        Now and literally
        12 Million words
        Of sharing this
        Love free with
        Literally thousands
        Of Human Beings..
        Relatively only
        A Handful
        Have said
        Thanks back..
        It is the few like
        You my new friend..
        Shruti.. Who
        Gives me
        For the
        Rest of
        So thanks
        To you..

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