A squirrel taught me a lesson for lifetime..

Small creatures teach us bigger lessons of life..

Here I have a pic and video of squirrel teaching us never dying attitude towards life..it’s such an beautiful thing that such small animals or insects or creatures or birds give us such worthy messages..

Everyone must watch the video and I hope that as the squirrel had tried to jump on every hurdle we too can do wonders in life..we are meant to do much more in life so just don’t end up your lives that easy it’s worth living!

💛Have a look..


Liebster Award 🔱

That’s getting so unexpected for me..in such a short span receiving 2 awards is just blowing off my senses.

Firstly the blue sky blog tag award and now the liebster award..Thats just wow 💜

Thanks a ton to Jen for the nomination and I do believe that every person on the WordPress has some talent so do you.

Friends do check her account coz you can’t miss something worth reading! Thnku Jen 💜

The rules:

1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
3. Nominate 11 blogs.
4. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
5. Give them 11 questions to answer.

Answers to Jen’s questions:

1.Paper book or e-book?
Paper book anytime us preferable for me as I love writing and it gives the feeling of satisfaction!

2.What is the first thing came to you mind today?

The first thing that came to my mind was how am I going to utilize my holiday so all the planning and plotting was running on my head.

3.How many languages do your speak?

I can basically speak 4 languages that’s Marathi..Hindi..English and German!

4.Who motivate you to start blogging?

I myself am the motivation to take up blogging.

5.What spirit animal are you?

I don’t know which spirit animal I am but ya I m a kind of person who accomplishes the work taken in hand without leaving it in middle that’s what is me..so guys if you know any spirit animal like that do name it in comment section 😁

6.What is the first one on your bucket list?

I want to travel to each and every corner of the world, clicking photographs,writing some stuff as well as reading..taking break from everything and living my life to the fullest.

7.What’s your favourite pizza flavour?

Umm that’s bit tricky but ya I love corn pizza 💛

8.Cat or dog?

Probably none..coz I m not that fond of pets or say animals.I like to observe them from a good maintained distance but not closer to me!

9.What’s the biggest decision you have made in your life?

To take up my college so far from my home..travelling a long a way everyday and managing my studies is something I feel was a big decision as many ppl suggested to take up a nearby clg but my mind was set even my mom dad!

10.How did you choose your blog name?

Now that’s something all ask me how come Imperfectly perfect thoughts name struck on your mind and I answer them that I believe no one is prefect by others point of view but you are prefect by your own point of view and that’s what made me keep the blog name.

11.What is your favourite sound?

The sound of rain drops..The sound of clock ticking..The sound of guitar strings..The sound of air..The sound of mere silence! I do love beatboxing and I do try it.

 I hope Jen you have got my answers and are satisfied with them 😄

So my nominations are:

  1. The drunken cyclist
  2. varun kumar
  3. Whoselaine
  4. Shayra
  5. thoughts of words blog
  6. Rueba 
  7. katiemiafredrick
  8. simple ula
  9. beauteous demeanor
  10. bhavika
  11. Maitrayee ghosh

My questions:

  1. The reason you took up blogging.
  2. Your favorite author and the book.
  3. Favorite blogger
  4. Any regrets in life?
  5. What’s your biggest dream in life?
  6. How did you choose your blog name?
  7. Any suggestions for my blOg?
  8. Your best memory?
  9. What’s the greatest decision you made in life?
  10. City or town? Why?
  11. Which incidence has completely changed your life?

Thanks Jen for the nomination and keep blogging!

…..Shruti 💛

Blue sky tag blog award! 💙

I m totally amazed to receive this award as in I had started my blog a few days ago and in a week I received this award..this is totally a mesmerising feeling!

I really want to thank Akhil Kumar for nominating me and reading my posts by sparing your valuable time!

Friends do read akhil’s post and visit his blog. The stuff he has is incredible and really I like the way he presents the writings.

So do check his blog his work is something you don’t want to miss!


1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Nominate (tag) 11 people
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Answers to Akhil’s questions: 

1.Reason why you started blogging?

Basically I love reading as well as writing and WordPress gives us the platform to showcase our talent..so I m here!

2.Favourite blogger?

3.Preferred genre to write and why?

Nothing decided just the words flying in mind are typed on mobile.

4.Favourite author?

Enid Blyton

5.The moment that changed your life?

That moment when I started exploring and loving myself was when I was in school and an incidence just changed me!

6.What is the world for you?

Exposure for everything let it be your talent or you yourself!

7.You want me to write more about __?

About something that has just touched your soul deep down.

8.Are you in love? If yes, how does it feels like?

No,Happy to be single!

I am nominating:

  1. Hati
  2. pearled feelings
  3. Akhil Kumar
  4. Scribblershome
  5. Ajay vyas
  6. Life plan
  7. A learning poet
  8. Titanium
  9. Shivang
  10. Mr.Lonely
  11. Brandon knoll

My questions:

  1. Your bestest memory with WordPress.
  2. The thing which is inseparable from you and why.
  3. Your favorite book and author.
  4. Your thoughts if you are sent to a blind date.
  5. Which is favorite destination and why?
  6. What does writing and reading mean to you.
  7. Any regret in life..if yes what?
  8. Favorite blogger?
  9. What is your perspective towards life?
  10. Any suggestions for my blog?
  11. What you think about today’s generation who are just not interested enough in reading a single book?

 Finally I want to thank everyone for the reading my posts and visiting my blog. Also thanks for the nomination and I will make sure that I keep improving my writing!

     ….💜Shruti N!

      Photography : My love 💜

      Photography for me capturing a moment passing by!
      Life is such an amazing gift given to us..so why not capture it and preserve the beauty of it.

      The age which we can’t even memorize is our childhood..but after a particular age we badly start missing it and keep saying for umpteen times that we want those golden days back. Indeed the days can’t get back but the memories cherished can be seen at any moment..n that’s the time when the photographs are taken out from a cupboard preserved in a box..And it feels like unwrapping the gift which have received in our childhood!!

      Our every victory be it minor or huge can be experienced..Photography is such an beautiful experience to throwback to those golden days of your life. Really photography had brought the world even more closer in accordance with talent or say crisis and what not guys..

      Photography is such an amazing thing which keeps people connected 24/7 and can share every single moment. Some photos are so amazing that our eyes get struck on that and that’s what makes a person a photographer.

      And there this this trend of owning a dslr and having a dslr photoshoot and have candid pics of yours..It’s actually nothing but pure happiness we find in those photos and get engrossed in those memories.

      Photography for me is a lifetime memory! 💜

      Basically I love clicking random photos can say like photography is my hobby so I would like to share some of my favorite clicks..

                                        ~Shruti N!💛💜

      Aha..that’s truly overwhelming! :-)

      I started up my blog on 14th June that’s just 9 days ago and unexpectedly I m having such an amazing response.

      All the bloggers who are following imperfectly perfect thoughts I m thankful that you spared your valuable time and read my posts.

      I love so many blogs here and I haven’t yet explored much though I find many splendid blogs..

      Just looking forward for much more amazing posts to read and write. That awards like Sunshine Award..Versatile blogger award.. And many awards I have had been reading.. I can’t expect it in 9 days of starting my blog though getting 100+  followers was just such a great feeling.

      I hadn’t even thought that people would actually like my writing but those comments and following kept motivating me to give my best!

      Thanks buddies..Love you loads! 💜

      Imperfectly perfect thoughts..

      The name of my blog Imperfectly Perfect Thoughts was the name I knew was so appropriate when I had a thought of it.

      Actually imperfectly means whatever I write need not to be perfect by everyone’s point of view and it can be perfect by a few people’s sight..so the thoughts I catch up on my mind are what I type it down into this blog so I never prepare myself and say anything coz I think whenever we think much that’s when we start panicking so better to say what you are willing to say. 

      I always used to elocute well so whenever I went for any competition I always made sure that I don’t care if I say right or a bit off track but the main point there is the confidence with which you speak and if you forget anything don’t stop and think of it just keep speaking coz the judges may not know what you have by hearted so that all things are what I follow.

      Many people love reading as well as writing tho don’t get good enough exposure for it..so creating blog and publicly presenting your talent can be a great lead.

      So I believe that ‘In the world of imperfections it’s okay to be imperfectly perfect’!

      Keep reading and exploring new things 💜


      Life : An unknowm mystery!

      Those little drops falling on ground and getting evaporated..every drop thought that it has done something special exceptional was one who was yet to be evaporated..
      That very moment an amazing thing happened a photographer near by captured that droplet fallen on the pollengrains..

      And that was such a mesmerising photograph being nominated for the best photograph of the year!

      Many a times we lack to recognise our own capacities and keep thinking of only the negativities or the one unsuccessful thing happened..instead we need to get motivated and try to know our aims..aspirations..high set dreams..we all are meant to do much more in our lives just don’t let any minor thing affect you!

      Think for what you are alive what are to meant to do..in a single life try to capture the eyes of trillions and try every single thing so that you don’t have  to regret in life at the end!

      Feel the moment..Love the moment..n most importantly live the moment..coz thinking about the future will only harm n stress you so why to think of what hasn’t even happened yet instead live the present guys!

      Future may b destined but the present is in your hands..and your hands are meant for doing miracles..everyone has the spark just few choose to spark and few aren’t even aware of it!!

      Have a high aim and motivation in life and remember this mantra always which I do followed since I was a kid which my mom used to tell me..that’s-

      I can do it

      I will do it

      And I have to do it!

      Stay blessed and happy friends! 💜💜

      That man is the sky for our aspirations and dreams..

      Yes you got that right..he’s Dad..Daddy..Papa..Father..names are many but the relation remains the same.

      The man who puts his everything for our single dream..

      The man that is so selfless and only wants his children to excel in whatever they do..

      The man who stands behind like a solider protecting us..and also lets us go alone coz he knows well that he can’t be with us all the time and wants us to be independent..

      The man who has gone through all the odds and still stands still only for us..

      The man who has sacrificed so much for our better future and amenities that we get..

      The man who always supports us, our saviour, inspiration, world..

      Something so special he has inbuilt that just makes one feel alike when beside him!

      I m at lack of words now..everyone has their own moments with their daddy..

      So mine is the day when I made my dad proud by my success may be competitions or say at examinations but that happiness and glow he had on his face was just worth it! 💜💜💜

      Happy father’s day to all amazing dads over this planet..Thanks for being there!!

      Love you Papa..(dedicated) 💙

      Lonely feelings..

      If you are alone that’s the time when tons of thoughts rush on in your mind. This idea itself reminds me of many things!

      The best time to write is when you are sitting beside a window with the wind blowing off your face and curls around your hair with the drizzling rainfall..aha! Sounds so perfect!

      All the readers would probably know how best that feeling and set up can be..you have around thousands of plans..ideas rotating around just have a pen..a book..and amazing atmosphere. You can definitely create mere lakhs of things in that time!

      Loneliness is not always a curse but if you have the vision to look forward for everything then even loneliness can be a boon!

      by a lonely mind 😉!

      Time to stand up!




      Need to stop that buzz of time and stand up for yourself..not only girls and women out there but even men and boys have a sheaf of files to resolve in life! So this post is for every individual.

      Have the courage, make it to your fullest and just let yourself go on..let people know you and your talent!

      Remember everyone has something special so it can be anything just it’s the time to spare for yourself and know the qualities you have hidden in..always there is a warming welcome to something new in this market of talents..just you have to do is showcase it correctly!

      And I m not at all getting off sink from the title coz I think till the time you don’t know yourself you can’t take a stand for yourself!

      We get life only once try everything and have all the adventures..have such a life that when the moment will come to rest in peace you don’t have to regret on anything!